Fundamental Things clarity_lore

Does anyone have a full copy of Fundamental Things by clarity_lore they could send me at ?

Title: The Fundamental Things (1/2 posts)
Author: [info]clarity_lore
Rating: NC17
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Jack/Gwen, Gwen/Rhys (hints of Gwen/Owen and Ianto/Gwen)
Wordcount: 9966
Spoilers: Small ones for "Cyberwoman" and "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
Warnings: Torture, mutilation, angst and sappiness. It's a H/C really.

Summary: A traumatic experience brings Jack and Ianto closer together, to Gwen’s dismay...

Prisoner Ianto losing memories

Im not even sure this is actually a Torchwood story but I hope it is.

The only thing I remeber clearly is Ianto being a prisoner on another world and having no contact with anyone. The only thing he could do was use a device (I think it was a cube) and view his memories. But if he viewed a memory once it got erased from his mind. I think he was eventually saved by the doctor but that he had lost all his memories by then.

Copy of a Fic Needed Please.

I was hoping someone could email me a copy of "Nevr Did Run Smooth by Frakkin Addic" please as would love to re-read it.


Also I read a fic long ago and in it Ianto was brought to Torchwood as a prisoner and kept under lockdown but kept trying to escape to call a friend (Diane?). Thats all I remember but if anyone knows it I would love to read again. 

Many Thanks

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FOUND! Looking for "Hey Kids, Did You Miss Me?" by ilovejackharkness aka Christie Nelson

FOUND by badly_knitted see comment below!

Sometime ago I downloaded an ebook formatted copy of "Hey Kids, Did You Miss Me?" by ilovejackharkness aka Christie Nelson. It had a nice cover image included. Unfortunately, the file I have is corrupted. So I went looking for it again - and of course I now cannot for the life of me recall where I downloaded the ebook version (sigh). On FFN - the copy there only has three chapters and I know the completed fic has 112 Chapters plus numerous Interludes.

Does anyone know where I can download a complete copy? Or is willing to share their copy? Any help, pointers, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Ianto sends Weevils to Flatholm


I'm looking for a story where Ianto uses a device to hide the Weevils at Flatholm so they won't be seen, but also have the ability to be free. I believe he did this after he found out about Flathom after Jack left for the Doctor. If any knows the name of the story and where I can find it please let me know.

Thank you


Ok, here's what I remember. For whatever reason, the Doctor has Ianto and the small child of Jack and Ianto are onboard the TARDIS. They wind up in the far future, where Jack has lost all memory of Ianto (and the child). Jack is basically a slave to this one planet that has genetically bound all species into servitude with some kind of transmitter.
Ianto winds up disabling this transmitter thingy, freeing everyone.

At some point in the fic, Ianto and the child are in a park type of area on Jack's huge ship. The boys actually start a relationship.

The end was something along the lines of the Doctor effectively cloning Ianto, then sending the clone back to his own time to die, as per cannon, while the real Ianto stays with future-Jack, and they raise their child together.

51st Century Ianto

Hi all! I’m looking for an ooooold fic I can barely remember (and may possibly be more than 1 fic that my brain has combined). I can only remember a few pieces of it:

1. Ianto time travels to the future, possibly the 51st century, possibly not Earth (but a majority human planet).

2. Ianto has provisions from 21st century, including a precious bag of coffee. This is savoured throughout the story. I specifically remember Ianto sharing it with his coworker and they complain that it’s too bitter because future coffee is super sweet.

3. Ianto sees the fashion is pretty similar but that instead of wearing blue jeans most people wear brick red jeans.

4. Jack is there, but I believe he doesn’t know Ianto yet, or else distrusts him for some unknown reason. Whatever it is, they are not together automatically and Ianto pines for “his” Jack.

Please let me know if you remember this fic (these fics?) as I want to read them again so badly. For some reason that line about blue jeans blew my mind and to this day I wear other coloured jeans.

Soulmate necklace

I remember almost nothing about this fic except that Jack buys two necklaces while on an alien world. This might have happened when he was traveling with the Doctor and Rose.

The necklaces are supposed to be worn by soulmates (or something like it) and Jack keeps one for himself and gives the other to Ianto.

I might be making this up in my head but I think Gwen questions why Iabto got the necklace and not her.


Ok, here's the next one. Janto, of course. Multi-chaptered, also fairly long as I recall.
The scene I remember os Jack and Ianto down in Jack's cave. He is telling Ianto about his parents immigrating to Boeshane. How they could only take certain things that they literally couldn't live without. They joked about it, telling their kids that themselves was the only thing they had to have. There was some latin phrase, I think, that they used to describe the situation.

This is driving me insane. Not on my FFN list, not on AO3 (I looked at all 58 pages of J/I stories lol).