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Jack/Ianto Domestic life [Nov. 25th, 2013|10:31 pm]
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I'm looking for a fic I read a while back. Ianto and Jack are living the domestic life together with a kid. Everything's hunky dory until Jack falls off a ladder and breaks his neck. Then they discover Jack can't stay dead, and it turns out that Gwen is looking for them. Apparently, Adam did something to alter Jack and Ianto's memories of Torchwood. I remember that near the end, Jack discovers that he really likes the "normal" life he and Ianto had together, while Ianto was freaking out about a kid, a house, a mortgage, etc...
Help please?

ETA: Found! Link in comments.

From: noteall
2013-11-26 01:53 pm (UTC)


I believe that would be "The Past is Like the Weather (it will come and it will go)" by blackfic


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From: noteall
2013-11-26 01:59 pm (UTC)


:sigh: Once again the comm's spam filter defeats me.

I believe the fic is "The Past is Like the Weather (it will come and it will go)" by blackfic

http :// blackfic. livejournal .com/ 35959. html

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[User Picture]From: leafy365
2013-11-26 04:21 pm (UTC)


That is indeed the exact story I was looking for! Thank you!
From: noteall
2013-11-26 11:26 pm (UTC)


Great! So glad to help.