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Alien Technology Transport Ianto to Torchwood 4 [Jul. 20th, 2015|08:37 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder

Hi, I'm looking for a story which has Ianto transported to Torchwood 4. Whilst he is there he manages to contact Jack and the team after Torchwood 4 cobble together bits and pieces to get his mobile phone to work. There is something outside Torchwood 4 trying to break through the walls and Jack and the team try desparately to get them all back.  Pretty vague I know, but I'm hoping someone remembers this story.  Thank you!
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Some stories [Jul. 18th, 2015|03:06 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder

Hi all you clever story finding people.

I'm looking for a couple of stories.

One is Ianto and Jack go to Ianto's for christmas, and Ianto's nephew has a toy robot that freaks him out a bit, I think Ianto isn't sure of how Jack feels about him and Jack has food to keep him busy on the trip over, I think he has gingerbread men and they dance or fight or something on the dashboard (I think this is all from the same story but it could be two)

Second request to find is Ianto's sister and her husband get him to sign a form to say he will look after their two daughter, he signs thinking nothing will happen, the hubby dies of cancer and then a short while latter the sister dies in a car crash, Jack and Ianto are called in the middle of the night and Jack and Ianto help the girls say bye to there mum, and, I think it is Martha, or it could be Gwen, organise car seats so Jack and Into can get the girls home.

Also any family fics. so in the mood for family stories.

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Janto in the forest [Jul. 15th, 2015|12:18 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder

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Searching for a Janto fic where Ianto takes Jack on an enforced vacation.  Jack is broken by recent events and refuses to leave the Hub; Ianto puts him in the car and won't tell him where they're going.

They end up at a cabin in the forest that Ianto set up as an auxiliary Hub (but doesn't tell Jack at first).  They spend days in silence, going out to the forest to fish and taking walks while Jack purges his demons.  Ianto finds Jack standing out in a rainstorm one day, oblivious to the cold.

There's one lovely scene where they make love on the forest floor and stand up with leaves in their hair.  One of them says, "My very own Cernunnos" or something similar.

At the end, Ianto reveals where the technology is in a hidden room, and admits that he was afraid of Jack's reaction to branching out from the Hub.  He gives Jack a key and says he can use the cabin any time.
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Creation Ianto [Jul. 10th, 2015|11:36 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder

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You helped me out last time, so I'm hoping you can help me again.

In this fic, Lisa was not Ianto's girlfriend (or not only his girlfriend?) but also one of his creators. Ianto isn't an Archivist, he IS the Archives. I really wish I remembered more and I had hoped that this was specific enough to find the fic, but I've had ZERO luck in finding anything like this.
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Fic Search - Ianto Undercover [Jul. 6th, 2015|11:21 am]
Torchwood Story Finder

Hi there,

I'm looking for a fic where Ianto goes undercover at a school. I remember there was a statue that moved. And something to do with a woman being pregnant with a calcified baby? It's so weird the things I remember from the fic - I don't know if they were major parts or just the things that stuck out. I just remember that it was very well written. I've recently started reading Janto again and have noticed a lot of my favs are gone. :( And I think this was one of them.

Any help is much appreciated.


Edit: Thanks to jigot my search has ended. Here's the link for anyone else interested.
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Purged Journal Ianto/Doctor Story [Jul. 5th, 2015|05:38 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder

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Hi, I am looking for a story that was posted on a now deleted journal.  The fic is a Ianto/Doctor story that I don't think was ever finished but I am hoping that either it's been posted somewhere else or someone saved what was written.  The title is Le Voyageur Et Son Guide (Et L’Homme Qui A Été Laissé Derrière) and it is by gersteakknife
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Help finding lost bookmarks...and more [Jul. 1st, 2015|04:53 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder
Thanks to an unfortunate incident with my former computer, I have lost the last ten years worth of bookmarks and archived fiction. I am (slowly) putting things back together again using a lot of old back-ups, but there are some things I've lost completely and now I'm asking for help finding them.

These two stories in particular are ones I'm searching for and having a hard time finding, mostly because I don't remember titles or authors.

1) AU where Ianto is hired on by Suzie while Jack is gone (dno't remember where). He is basically used as sexual relief by the whole team until Jack returns and finds out about it. Gwen and Owen get retconned, Tosh is transferred to Unit, and Jack eventually manages to convince Ianto he's interested in more than just his body.

2) Post-Countrycide story, Ianto is hurt worse than the team realizes, and they don't know how bad until he doesn't show up for work the next day. They try to track him down and eventually find him in a church, in really bad shape. It was a longer work, with more to it than just that. Unfortunately, that's all I can remember.
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I can't find it [Jun. 30th, 2015|11:23 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder

Please say someone remembers this fic. It was a Jack and Ianto AU. They were both Duke’s I believe. Ianto's father wanted to kill him. I don’t remember much except for 2 scenes. One: Ianto rides to Jacks estate and meets Tosh. She says something about Jack playing hero when he is protecting the man that he loves. Two: Jack and Ianto fall out of bed when they are suddenly awoken by Gwen screaming and Rhi laughing when they walk into the room and find them in bed together. They were both Ianto’s sisters.

I have no idea why I all of a sudden wanted to read a TW fic. I have not read them in years.
Thanks in advance
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Jack/Ianto [Jun. 30th, 2015|09:31 am]
Torchwood Story Finder

[Tags|, ]

I am wondering if someone has a copy of the "Mindreading" series by Miss Zedem. It happened to be one of my favorite stories and I know it has been removed.
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Looking for certain story [Jun. 30th, 2015|09:29 am]
Torchwood Story Finder

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I know I read this story a while ago once. I remember I think Ianto was immortal. Torchwood had a few more working for them. Gwen was the baddie I think she was brainwashed by the Master. River Song made appearances as a mysterious helper as the Doctor had to stay away. I think Suzie was alive. I think it was the start of a long battle over hundreds of years but only River and the Doctor know it. They know the future and can't interfere, sort of. It is Jack/Ianto, River/Doctor, Gwen/Rhys, Rhys/?. Can't remember if Tosh and Owen are there or an item . River new Gwen was a mole and hated not being able to do anything but did hint at ?Emma fancying Rhys to Rhys. Sorry it's not much to go on but I only read it once.
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