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Pregnant Jack [Jul. 25th, 2016|05:12 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder

I'm looking for a fic where Jack and Ianto go to the future so they can have children together. Jack is the one that gets pregnant. Near the end the doctor takes them and their two sons back to there original time for toshs wedding

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Two Jacks [Jul. 22nd, 2016|11:59 am]
Torchwood Story Finder


I'm looking for a fic with 2 Jacks. The two Jacks and Ianto are on a roof (I think) and one Jack tells Ianto that he loves him and that is the Jack Ianto shoots. (spoilers I know sorry)

Thanks in advance
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A slightly unusual request [Jul. 19th, 2016|11:57 am]
Torchwood Story Finder

Does anyone know where I might be able to access Miss Winterhill's torchwood fics. I was recently recommended "mind your Language" and as the fics of hers I've read are among my absolute favourites I would love to read it but her LJ is now f -locked andher TW fic isn't on her AO3. I have mesaged her with a friend request but I suspect the journal is not active anymore. If anybody knows anywhere else she posts or has a saved copy, I'd be so grateful, you have no idea. Thanks in advance!
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Two missing fics [Jul. 15th, 2016|08:05 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder

I have had two fanfic Scenes I remember reading I can't remember if they where one shots or part of longer fics but I'm fairly sure they weren't in the same fic

Found: catalyst by the engineer
The first was with jack in heat/rut but not an o/b/a verse it starts with the team barring ianto coming into the hub after a mission. Jack is acting primative and possessive at first twards Gwen but he latched on to ianto when he sees him they then spend however long it takes for jack to be himself again in the hub together. I also believe Gwen try's to go in with them at some point becuse before seeing ianto jack seamed interested in her.

The second started with a fight between Jack and Gwen. Pissed of Jack then locks everyone except ianto out of the hub. When the hub opens again tosh and Owen have gifts for ianto so they won't be put on decafe for leaving him with a stroping Jack. Also I believe Owen said Jack locked himself in the hub before but that time they handcuffed ianto to get him to stay.

If anyone remembers these It would be much appreciated thanx in advance
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Post Exit wounds story [Jul. 3rd, 2016|11:16 am]
Torchwood Story Finder

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I know I have hunted for this before - found it and lost it, but now I really want to read it again.

Post Exit Wounds - Ianto's home is destroyed and he's living in crummy hotels - or Gwen's sofa - whilst Jack is oblivious.

Please point me in the right direction!

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Linked Necklaces [Jul. 2nd, 2016|06:28 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder
[Tags|, ]

I was re-reading Counting stars and it reminded me of a scene from a story, but I can't remember much about it. It was a Jack/Ianto story where they both wore necklaces that represented marriage/partnership. I think they functioned at least somewhat like the mental link and the rings in counting stars - they were created by another race specifically meant to link two individuals together. There was some sort of mental and/or life force sharing involved with them as well. I think they both had the necklaces most of the story, but no one on the team knew for quite awhile...?

The details are pretty jumbled and I'm not entirely certain that I am not simply mixing up multiple stories together.

Does anyone know what this might be?
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Rose is Ianto's mother??? [Jul. 2nd, 2016|01:24 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder

[Tags|, , ]

I'm trying to find a fic where Rose is Ianto's mother. She sent him through the rift to get back to the other world. I don't think that Rose and the Doctor actually had sex, but energy transference or something as she went into the other dimension. And the year that never was happens and everyone learns that he's a little timelord. Anything along the lines of Rose as Ianto's mother would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Rentboy fic [Jun. 21st, 2016|09:54 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder

[Tags|, ]

Hi everyone.

So once again I need help finding a fic.

It's a one shot. Jack goes to a park where Ianto work as a rentboy.
Of course they have sex and at the end when Ianto is leaving Jack thinks that he misses the suits Ianto used to wear.
Seems Jack retconned him after the cyberwoman incident ...

Hope someone remembers who wrote this and where to find it !

Thanks in advance.

EDIT : Found - link in comments

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Searching for a short fic [Jun. 17th, 2016|05:14 am]
Torchwood Story Finder
I don't remember the title, just a part where Ianto is dizzy and passes out because he's suffering from anemia caused by going vegetarian after Countrycide. Oh, and there's a scene where Owen teases him about picking the chicken out of his take-away before they find out. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


Never mind, I found it. It was Picky Eater by Dru.

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Jack/Ianto story or more of a scene... [Jun. 11th, 2016|03:32 am]
Torchwood Story Finder

FOUND: I finally found it on my harddrive. It's called Like Stitches in the Scar by Paperclip and here is the link to the first part if anyone is interested: http://paperclipbitch.livejournal.com/37177.html#cutid1

I don't remember the story at all except that there is one scene that has stuck with me like a barnacle on a boat hull. And I am pretty sure it is a Jack/Ianto story or at least a pre-slash one.

It goes like this: Jack wakes up in the Hub to Ianto cleaning up blood and gore, because Jack had shot himself in the head. A shotgun might have been involved. Ianto is upset and Gwen is upstairs keeping both Tosh and Owen occupied.

It took Jack about 4 hours to wake up which concerns him because they--Jack and Ianto--know that it only takes minutes for him to recover from a gunshot to the head.

Any one know from which story that scene is from?
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