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Rentboy fic [Jun. 21st, 2016|09:54 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder

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Hi everyone.

So once again I need help finding a fic.

It's a one shot. Jack goes to a park where Ianto work as a rentboy.
Of course they have sex and at the end when Ianto is leaving Jack thinks that he misses the suits Ianto used to wear.
Seems Jack retconned him after the cyberwoman incident ...

Hope someone remembers who wrote this and where to find it !

Thanks in advance.

EDIT : Found - link in comments

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Searching for a short fic [Jun. 17th, 2016|05:14 am]
Torchwood Story Finder
I don't remember the title, just a part where Ianto is dizzy and passes out because he's suffering from anemia caused by going vegetarian after Countrycide. Oh, and there's a scene where Owen teases him about picking the chicken out of his take-away before they find out. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


Never mind, I found it. It was Picky Eater by Dru.

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Jack/Ianto story or more of a scene... [Jun. 11th, 2016|03:32 am]
Torchwood Story Finder

FOUND: I finally found it on my harddrive. It's called Like Stitches in the Scar by Paperclip and here is the link to the first part if anyone is interested: http://paperclipbitch.livejournal.com/37177.html#cutid1

I don't remember the story at all except that there is one scene that has stuck with me like a barnacle on a boat hull. And I am pretty sure it is a Jack/Ianto story or at least a pre-slash one.

It goes like this: Jack wakes up in the Hub to Ianto cleaning up blood and gore, because Jack had shot himself in the head. A shotgun might have been involved. Ianto is upset and Gwen is upstairs keeping both Tosh and Owen occupied.

It took Jack about 4 hours to wake up which concerns him because they--Jack and Ianto--know that it only takes minutes for him to recover from a gunshot to the head.

Any one know from which story that scene is from?
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(no subject) [Jun. 9th, 2016|11:01 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder


Hey there,
I'm looking for a story (it might have been a dom/sub story) where Jack is uh 'training' Ianto.

All I remember is Jack making Ianto go to sleep with a dildo down his throat? I think... I dunno

I know its not much to go on but any help would be great :)
Thank you

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Drag Queen AU fanfic [Jun. 9th, 2016|11:01 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder

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Hi all

I'm looking for jack/ianto fanfic where jack is a drag queen and ianto owns a club.
It also includes Owen as a drag queen/cross dresser and Rhys is Ianto's son in the story.

Anyone know the title of this Fic?
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AU story [Jun. 6th, 2016|10:47 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder


I am looking for an AU story in which Jack and Ianto get together at school,

Ianto is outside the group of Jacks friends... Jacks mother is remarried to a man that Jack hates... they take Gray to Legoland... Jack is wealthy...they eventually break up when Jack goes to Harvard, but get back together when they are older.

I know I have this saved but cannot remember the title.

Thanks in advance.

Ally x

EDIT: Found - link in comments
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Could be considered COE fix it [May. 29th, 2016|03:54 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder

If the story Jack somehow ends up in another world or reality where Ianto doesnt know him. But its after COE. I think its the world where Jackie and Rose ended up. At first Jack wasnt going to persue Ianto but decides to. In it they end up goingbafter an alien artifact that rapidly ages stufff amd thats how Ianto finds out Jack is imortal. Help please
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Mpreg fic [May. 26th, 2016|06:40 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder

Im looking for a fic where Jack is pregnant but doesnt know it. He gets injured somehow and Ianto has to have the baby moved to him so he can carry it to term
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Three random fics [May. 24th, 2016|11:24 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder

Hi y'all! I'm hoping you can help me out. I'm looking for three stories that stick with me for a variety of reasons. Alas, my bookmarks did not stick, and now I don't know what or where these are.

1. Into is feeling unappreciated by Jack and starts dating a woman, kinda hoping Jack will get jealous, but Jack not only enthusiastically gives his blessing, but ends up maneuvering them into a three-way which Ianto reacts badly to.

2. There are several stories where Tosh and Ianto get abducted by aliens. The one I'm looking for had some follow up stories. They were gone for a long time, and Ianto taught Tosh Welsh, and she taught him Japanese. In the follow up, once they've been rescued, they have a hard time re adapting back to their old lives. Ianto periodically starts talking in Japanese without realizing it. He also forgets a lot of routines he used to know.

3. This one was set after the radio play about the large hadron collider or whatever it's called. The three of them check into a hotel. I just remember Ianto being asleep on the bed while Jack and Gwen play cards and talk.

Any of these ring a bell?

EDIT: #2 and 3 found - thank you! Still hoping someone remembers #1. So nice and angsty!
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Ianto 'MPREG' [May. 12th, 2016|02:03 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder

Hey all!

I'm looking for the story where Ianto accidentally becomes the surrogate for an alien baby and it's slowly killing him but he refuses to let the TW team remove it to save him.

Any help would be great. Thanks!!!

**Fic Found: 'Losing Ianto' by Otrame. Thank you!!**
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