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Fic search [Apr. 12th, 2015|01:30 pm]

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Lost link.

The first is a story where after cyberwoman, Gwen tells Jack she will take care of Ianto. He is retconned and sold ot a brothel.

Second was a series so stories based on the Adam's family. Do you know who these were by and secondly does anyone have any copies?

Thanks in advance :)


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Ianto hurt fic [Apr. 12th, 2015|01:24 pm]



Can you help

Weevil retrieval where Ianto is hurt but the others don't notice and leave him to load the bodies alone. He passes out from broken ribs and Wales in hospital. Jack is angry he didn't call for back up and Ianto didn't realise he could call for help.

Possibly by

Does anyone have a copy as LJ journal has be purged.

Thanks in advance
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Links for two stories by Thebuttonontop [Apr. 12th, 2015|12:02 pm]


It must be old age creeping up but I cannot find these fics

To The Pain by buttononthetop
Vizzin's rule

Please could someone please send me the links and or PDF's if you have them :)

Thanks in advance.

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Janto story where team see Ianto's memories [Apr. 11th, 2015|05:26 pm]

I'm trying to find a story where Ianto relives bad memories and the team have to watch them on a monitor. One memory was how Gwen treated him while Jack was away and the team were furious with her.

I'm not sure if it was Gwen's fault he had to relive the memories.

Thank you

Found - Dreams by Secrets-and-smiles. Thanks to badly_knitted.
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MISSING FIC [Apr. 4th, 2015|10:42 pm]

[Tags|, , ]


I was just wondering if anyone has a copy of the fic "Trench In My Heart" that don't mind sending it to me?

Thanks in advance!! :)
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Ianto Owns an Ailen [Apr. 4th, 2015|02:02 am]


All I remember is Ianto owns an alien hotel I think. It's hidden by a perception filter I think. Ianto is important for the future. It's really long and of course it's Janto.  It follows the Torchwood story line. My memory sucks it just popped into my head at 2 am so any help would be grateful.

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ingenius_inc? [Apr. 3rd, 2015|12:56 pm]

Does anyone have a copy of "In the Case of S.A.N.D.I (or, Space Junk)" by ingenius_inc? The journal has been deleted and I've had no luck with Google. :(
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Two requests [Apr. 3rd, 2015|10:49 pm]

1. Does anyone have a copy of "Coffee and Art" by fantabumundo? I saw it mentioned in a previous entry here and it sounds interesting, but the journal is deleted.

2. I posted about this a while back with no luck, so I will add it here just in case. I remember reading something based around "They Keep Killing Suzie" where Ianto was basically spending the whole time thinking about seducing Jack, but the events of the episode keep getting in the way. He was quite frustrated throughout the whole thing. I'm *pretty* sure this was a fanfiction, but it also might have been a picspam or meta-type thing with the author interpreting Ianto's actions during the episode. At any rate, it was implied that Jack and Ianto had a physical relationship before the events of Cyberwoman and Ianto was more than ready to resume things. I thought it was part of a larger work, but I could be wrong there as well.

Any help would be appreciated!
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Tosh's mother [Apr. 1st, 2015|07:47 pm]

[Tags|, ]


I search a fic where Ianto organise a sort of ceremony for Mary so that Tosh can say her goodbye and do come his mother from Japan for help her, I know it's a part of a big fic.

Please I hope someone will recognize it,


FOUND by kimsully et badly_knitted THANK YOU, It's Forgiven by sierasky


which follows Forgotten by sierasky

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Massage AU [Mar. 29th, 2015|02:03 am]

I'm looking for a story where Ianto is a massage therapist and Jack is his client. Ianto has rules about not getting involved with his clients. I can't remember if he breaks the rules or if he finds someone else to take care of Jack so that they could be in a relationship. Any ideas?

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