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Looking for two stories... [Jan. 31st, 2016|12:25 am]
Torchwood Story Finder

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1. Ianto was trained at a centre for telepaths, long before he came to The Hub. The centre was a branch of Torchwood, run by a "Mrs White", who is Ianto's mother. The London branch was attacked and the building destroyed. When the Earth is later attacked by draconic aliens, Ianto and the centre trainees are instrumental in the earth's defence. Throughout the story, Ianto sees the fairies from the Torchwood episode. At the very end, the fairies appear in front of everyone, in the Hub. A brilliant story.

2. I may have muddled up different stories with this second request: Ianto is not entirely human(?); members of his species are a bit vampiric, and faster and stronger than mortals. Ianto and others of his kind save the team from Harold Saxon's forces. They are in a helicopter about to take off when they are attacked.

Thanks in advance.

Found the first one. It is Shades of Ianto, http://archiveofourown.org/series/13812

The second story: the Blood series. http://xennie-b.dreamwidth.org/51942.html
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Letter fiction [Jan. 29th, 2016|07:40 am]
Torchwood Story Finder

I'm trying to find a multi chapter story where Jack and Ianto are away on a mission and the story is told through the letters exchanged with the team. At one point Ianto is ill or injured.

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Ianto doesn't realise he and Jack are in a relationship [Jan. 25th, 2016|02:48 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder

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Hellllooo peeps,
Looking for a short story basically where Ianto doesn't realise he and Jack are in a monogomous relationship. So when the TW team go to the pub for some drinky poos Ianto goes to the bar and starts chatting to someone. I think Owen mentions something about it to the others and Jack walks off.
Later Ianto finds Jack outside having a cigarette, and they basically talk it out and adorableness happens.
Any help would be great :)
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2 lost fics and little to go on [Jan. 22nd, 2016|10:46 am]
Torchwood Story Finder
Looking for two fics I had and lost, but I don't remember much. One is post cyberwoman, I think, where Ianto has gone missing, they look for him everywhere, but can't find him. When they do find him, it turns out he's been in the hub the whole time, and he's either really sick or starving and near-death. The other is either post cyberwoman or post countrycide, and Jack learns Ianto lives in a storage place when he goes to check on him. Like I said, not much to go on but all help is appreciated.
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looking for 2 into jones fics [Jan. 18th, 2016|05:16 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder
In the first fic,I think Ianto decides to go camping and Jack wants to go with him.It was a sad fic and I'm not sure but I think it was after countrycyde but I could be wrong.

The next fic Ian to left torchwood.He dropped off a bunch of stuff at the front of the hub but but jack kept pursuing him and asking him stuff like does he want raise or something like that .In the end they take down a weevil and Jack says something like see you in the morning ,I think
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AU Jack Ianto story [Jan. 15th, 2016|08:18 am]
Torchwood Story Finder
[Tags|, ]

I'm looking for a story I read a while back: hopefully someone can help me?
Ianto is in college and Jack is a successful business man, when they meet at the start of the story. They knew each other when they were younger and Jack Humiliated Ianto somehow. Jack lead him on then publicly dumped him, something like that, and I think that Jack hardly remembers doing it now, but I think ianto may have had a breakdown at the time that Jack was unaware of, so they start out at odds. Ianto needs a place to stay over Christmas (has to move out of the dorm for the holiday or something), and Jacks mother hires him as a live in to help pack up her house. she wants to move to some place smaller. Jack and Ianto are thrown together over the holidays and eventually fall in love. I remember that Jack is not pleased that his mother is selling the family home.... Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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Ghosts In the Hub [Jan. 15th, 2016|03:33 am]
Torchwood Story Finder

Anyone have a copy of Ghosts in the Hub, by skellerbvvt. I've been going back thru recs from Torchwood House, and would like to read this, but the account has been purged.

Story found on Dreamwidth: Ghosts in the Hub
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Searching for Ianto/Jack fic [Jan. 11th, 2016|11:35 am]
Torchwood Story Finder

I'm looking for a Ianto/Jack fic where Ianto is hurt really bad and forgets everyone. The team searches for him and finally finds him in an hospital. He barely eats and doesn't recognize anyone. He does search for a gray coat at nights and draws it as well, even though Jack is already there. I remember they moved together to an island, where Ianto learned to funcion again, although he was prone to running around naked sometimes.
I had this fic bookmarked once and sadly it's been deleted and I can't remember the name or the author anymore. Hopefully someone still has it and can share.
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Looking for a Jack/Ianto & Jack/Gwen fic.... [Jan. 5th, 2016|06:54 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder
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Google has unfortunately failed me.. I know it exists. Jack leaves Ianto for Gwen. He moves in with Gwen and is doing couple things.. Ianto gets badly hurt and is staying with them. Into and Jack get closer and Gwen walks in on Jack giving a nude Ianto a massage. Gwen gives Jack an ultimatum that Ianto must leave. Into hears them and moves out. Jack leaves Guen for Ianto.. Thank you in advance... : )
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Telephone ianto [Dec. 29th, 2015|02:11 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder

Hi I am looking for a ianto/jack fic. I remember that ianto kept calling jack who was travelling with the doctor. One scene was ianto dying in an alley and jack had to hang up and call the team to save him. It might have been a 5+1 fic. Thanks for the help.
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