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Help please! [Sep. 28th, 2016|03:55 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder

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So I don't remember much of the fic that I'm looking for but hopefully someone can help.

It was set during the Faeries episode "Small World". The Faeries trashed both Gwens' and Iantos' place but Ianto didn't say anything to Jack because Gwen was fussing about the Faeries. I remember the Faeries taking an interested in Ianto and Ianto tying knots with handkerchiefs and giving them to the Faeires who fought over them.

That's about all I remember. I don't even remember whether it was Janto or whether it is one part of the a long fic, ugh, so frustrating!

Please help and Thank you for helping ^_^

Edit: So I managed to track the fic down! YAY! For anyone interested, it's And I Wake Up by Doodled93.
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Ianto is hurt when Jack denies a relationship [Sep. 27th, 2016|04:59 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder
Hello good Torchwood fans.
I'm looking for a story where Ianto asks Jack about what it is between them. Jack responds that they don't have a relationship and Ianto is hurt and withdraws into himself. Jack then has to work hard for them to both get over the hurt he has caused.
I thought it might be set after Meat, or Something Borrowed, but can't find it in my files anywhere. I think it was a one shot. It's not "Come Midnight" by solstice_zero, or "Break the Silence" by meatball42.
If anyone has any ideas that would be wonderful. Thank you

For anyone interested, I found it, not quite as I remembered! (I was mixing two stories together). It's: About You Now by butterflycell 25/2/08.
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It's Gone... :( [Sep. 26th, 2016|09:05 am]
Torchwood Story Finder

Does anyone have a copy of, or know where I can find Breakdown, Breakup, and Breakthrough by frakkin_addict. The account has been deleted.

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Baby ewok? [Sep. 21st, 2016|07:03 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder

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So the story I am looking for is one I used to read on teaspoon I think. It has a baby aliens become attached to Ianto who is kind to it. It's name is Brrt or something similar. It is like a baby ewok/bear. It ends with the parents arriving to collect him. Anyone who could give me a copy via email (jakernaghan89@gmail.com) or a link to the story I would be super grateful. Thanks everyone!
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1 more [Sep. 21st, 2016|02:37 am]
Torchwood Story Finder

There was one more I am looking for.

The only thing that I remember is Ianto and I believe Tosh are standing at the entrance to the afterlife. They are watching as other people walk through the door and are reunited with the people they Love. Ianto makes a statement about that is something that he will never have since Jack will never die. I seem to remember that no one other than Ianto knew how long they had been dead for. I know this is very vague but that is all that I remember.

Tks again
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(no subject) [Sep. 20th, 2016|11:38 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder

The story I am looking for is VERY old.

Something happened to the TW team centries ago – They were hit by some type of ball of light, I think – every time they die, they find one another in the next life. I remember one of the lives; Ianto was in an insane asylum. At some point Jack and Ianto realize what is happening, and Jack promises to help Ianto remember him in every life. I also remember that towards the end Jack is an instructor at some type of academy, and Ianto is one of his students.

Tks in advance
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Ianto from an AU [Sep. 17th, 2016|08:50 am]
Torchwood Story Finder

I have been looking high and low, as always when something is being posted here.
Ianto did die on Day 4 in this one. But in a different reality, the 456 took the children and the world has gone to pot. Ianto has a way to look into other realities, and he selects this one as he is no longer living in it, and it is the closest match to his own. He comes through initially kind of like the ghost shifts, with Jack and Gwen watching.
This next bi might be from the same story, but initially, Jack is unwelcoming, and Ianto is heart-broken, as his Jack in his reality ran away.
Any ideas? Lol, and thanks!

FOUND! https ://www. fanfiction. net/s/6894319/1/ Breaking-Through
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Singer!Ianto [Sep. 16th, 2016|05:56 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder

I'm trying to find a story I read where Ianto is a singer in a band. He is unknowingly singing alien songs and Jack is the only one who realizes it. They end up sleeping together and at some point Ianto moves in with Jack since he had no home. I believe in the end Torchwood tries to take Ianto but Jack stops them. Any help would be appreciated
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Looking for an Immortal!Ianto slash fic [Sep. 10th, 2016|12:40 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder
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I just remember it is very long.. The part I remember takes place well into the future where they have spread Torchwood throughout the universe. I do not remember if they have retired or are still working in Torchwood. They have generations of children and live in a large house that is isolated... Ianto and Jack are still together...The kids, grandkids etc.. visit. It is a happy fic... Thank you in advance for looking!

FOUND! HE WAS A CLONE NOT IMMORTAL.. IT IS Is it "Ianto Jones in the 47th Century"?

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2 fics both AU [Aug. 31st, 2016|09:40 pm]
Torchwood Story Finder

1) think this may be a work-in-progress.
Ianto & others each bond with a dragon. Ianto's dragon is the important one.
Ianto is hoping Jack's dragon challenges Ianto's and wins the right to mate. (I THINK that's what it's about)
However there was an attack, Ianto's dragon is ready to fight, Jack's is missing and John Hart and his dragon are ready to attack's Ianto's. It's implied that Hart had something to do with Jack missing and Ianto's dragon being ready to fight.
That's it on this one.

2) I have even less on this
I think it's also a WIP
Jack is...not sure what but it's not human. Ianto bonds with him and the bond is unusual (can't recall why)
that's it. That's all I have memory-wise on this.

good luck, detectives ^_^

- Rose

Update: # 2 found! Thanks, elekiz!
"I'anto of Torchwood Weyr" by Gracefultree
www. fanfiction. net/s/8890677/1/I-anto-of-Torchwood-Weyr
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